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Hey everyone!!! Welcome to my website! As you look around you can see that I love to photograph beautiful faces! I feel there is so much beauty in each and every one of us...I love capturing it!

A little about me...

1. I don't even have a recent professional photo of myself...hence the snapchat image.

2. I began photography about ten years ago when my baby girl was born. I soon fell in love with faces and it's been my passion since to capture the beauty of people ever since. I specialize in shooting teens, dancers, and high school seniors. I have a way of connecting with people to make them feel comfortable and it is why I am good at what I do!

3. I am such a happy person and I love life! (as you can see I use a lot of explanation points!!!! haha) 

4. I am completely obsessed with my kids. Like literally...I'm obsessed. I love them so much. 

5. I am also completely obsessed with fitness, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics...pretty much anything that relates.  I have goals of having a gym one day...either a fitness gym or a cheer gym. #oneday 

6. My favorite place in the ENTIRE world is California. A lot of my portfolio is shot in California...I'd love to travel back and forth and have a studio in both California and here in Michigan. #oneday

7. I have red wine every single friday night. And maybe a whole pizza. #notevensorry

As for my work! Here are some of my accomplishments!

My work has been seen all over the world!  I have been published and featured in the following magazines:

 Modern Teen Style

POSE Modeling Magazine

Model Magazine

Lemonade and Lenses Magazine

Mozi Magazine

Senior Portraits Forum

The Bloom Forum Features

Book Covers: A Timeless Love 

Book Publications: How to Quinoa

My Stock Photography work has been seen all over the country:
Bed Bath & Beyond

My most recent Commercial Work has been landing the cover of the BUDWEISER Calender Cover Image 

If you head over to my Portfolio and scroll down to Published Work you can view a few of the images that were published!!

I'm so glad you stopped by!  I hope you find many beautiful things that make your heart happy! Please take a look around and contact me! I'd love to hear from you!

Tabitha Patrick

About the Artist