Sophie {Chesterfield Michigan Macomb Michigan Portrait Fashion Photographer}

I really feel like one day my sole role as a photographer will be to market and promote and help my children succeed in their journeys..whatever that may be. Or maybe I’ll work for some famous businesses… that would be cool too 😉 Anyway, right now Sophie is focused on cheer (you should see her!) and on her styling/fashion journey so I’m helping in the photography department for her. Here are some recents and a link to her new page! She no joke puts these outfits together on her own, she has say in what I post on my blogs or business pages, what she posts to her instagram, what goes on her site and what the site looks like! This is ALL Sophie..I’m just helping make it happen. She is the most stylish person I know, and I often go straight to her for my own styling advice! LOL! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her. I remember when she was six (maybe first day of Kindergarten?) she doubled up her little uniform polo shirt to make it more stylish, and requested curled pigtails (photo below). She’s been unusually stylish since she was little!


Here is a link to her new page. Hoping to be able to upgrade it sooner than later but for now this works!

Recent work:

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